How to set Finder color Labels from inside of NeoFinder

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How to set Finder color Labels from inside of NeoFinder

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macOS can use seven different color labels in the Finder to mark files and folders.
You use the context menu to change them. It is even possible to add multiple colors to each item!

Confusingly, Apple has technically implemented that feature by using the Finder Tags (or Finder keywords), badly mixing up these vastily different types of metadata. Any color label you add actually adds a Finder Tag with the english name of one of the seven colors. Try if for yourself!

Here is the Finder Get Info window for a test photo that has the color labels Red and Green, and you can see the names in the active "Tags" field.

Finder Tags Get Info.jpg
Finder Tags Get Info.jpg (27.66 KiB) Viewed 210 times

Fortunately, we can use that to our advantage in NeoFinder!

NeoFinder can Catalog the Finder Tags, if you have enabled that option in the Cataloging Settings: ... tings.html

Finder Tags Cataloging Setting.jpg
Finder Tags Cataloging Setting.jpg (12.06 KiB) Viewed 210 times

If you add a "Tag" in the NeoFinder Inspector with the name of one of the seven "official" macOS colors, Apples Finder will show that as the color label! Mission accomplished!

NeoFinder Finder Tags.jpg
NeoFinder Finder Tags.jpg (65.41 KiB) Viewed 210 times

Please note that we are working on improving the reliability of this integration, as we found that macOS Finder doesn't always update all changes immediately. If you see that behaviour, please contact us for a development version with improved code for writing Finder Tags.

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