R3D (RED Camera) thumbnails and metadata

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R3D (RED Camera) thumbnails and metadata

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NeoFinder can catalog thumbnails and metadata from R3D video files. It uses the QuickLook and Spotlight plugins that come with the REDCINE software for this.

Current versions of this macOS software have a bug, and these essential plugins went missing. This is problemantic, because that will also prevent you from seeing previews of your video files in the Finder.

Fortunately, an older REDCINE version that actually does contain these important plugins is still available for download, it is version 55.1.52132, and you can get it from the RED downloads page:


That package contains the plugins you want. (Thanks Micah for figuring this out!)

RED QuickLook and Spotlight.jpg
RED QuickLook and Spotlight.jpg (134.9 KiB) Viewed 924 times

Read more about R3D support in NeoFinder:

https://www.cdfinder.de/guide/22/22.3/n ... r_RED.html
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