XMP Sidecar files and HEIC

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XMP Sidecar files and HEIC

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The HEIC image file format is quite new, and mostly used in iOS and macOS.

NeoFinder has been able to catalog these new files for a while, and was also able to view and edit the XMP metadata for them.

However, until now, this XMP metadata was always stored in separate "sidecar" files with the file name suffix ".xmp"

That was due to the fact that the official Adobe XMP Toolkit library that NeoFinder uses, still doesn't support this new file format properly.

However, we have written our own code for the current development version of NeoFinder, so we can now write internal XMP data into HEIC photo files.

Many other applications can also do that, like the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom and others.

To ease data migration, we have also added a function you can call to inject all XMP data from the separate sidecar file to the actual HEIC file itself, which, if successfull, will also remove the extra sidecar file.

If this is interesting for you, please contact us, and we provide you with a development version of NeoFinder 8.1.2 that contains these two features.
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