Catalog "Google Drive" data with NeoFinder

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Catalog "Google Drive" data with NeoFinder

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We have received a couple of reports that NeoFinder 8.1.1 has trouble Cataloging and later Updating data on "Google Drive" cloud servers, using the latest "Google Drive for macOS" software version 58.

We were able to reproduce and debug this issue. It seems that Google is doing some very tricky and funky things to hide the actual virtual network data volume from you and the Finder, and nudging you to use their own special location added in the Finder sidebar. This trickery had thrown NeoFinder off course, not surprisingly.

Today, we have been able to work around this strange behaviour of "Google Drive", and add special code to NeoFinder to handle this scenario in a better way.

If you have data on "Google Drive" and wish to catalog it with NeoFinder, please contact us for a development version with that fix.
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