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Text file previews

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Right now I'm evaluating Neofinder for my needs which is a database of approximately 15000 pictures (jpg and raw) and about 5000 text documents. In a first test run all of the pictures were registered and catalogized. The speed and the generated thumbnail pictures are of the expected very good quality. So far so good! But not so for the documents!! They are catalogized as well but only for a very few number of them previews were generated. Obviously previews are only generated for pdf and Mac file formats. Other file formats like "gdoc" (google) and mainly formats used by microsoft software seems to be uncared for.
Is there any way to solve this problem, which would be essential for my needs?
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Re: Text file previews

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Among many other formats, NeoFinder can catalog text content of Microsoft Word .doc and .docs, of course.

And .rtf, .rtfd, and more.

Also, .odt used by Open Office.

What is .gdoc? Do you have a Spotlight Plugin for that format?

https://www.cdfinder.de/guide/21/neofin ... _text.html

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