Problem with date search

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Problem with date search

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There are several places where date can appear in the inspector. For all recent photos taken on a digital camera it is not a problem - the date appears in the EXIF area and the same date appears in the photo info area (but not the XMP area). For imported images or scanned images the date may only appear in the photo info field. It is not clear where it gets this date from. If I reset incorrect dates they appear in the EXIF area, but the photo info does not change. That means that if I want a listing of all my images in date creation order I cannot easily do it as the sort field allows me to choose either 'creation date' or 'EXIF capture date' - 2 different fields.

It would be useful if the modified EXIF capture date could be forced into the photo info area so that one sorted listing would put all images in the desired order and smart folders would work on all images in the same way.
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Re: Problem with date search

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What "Photo Info Field" exactly are your referring to?

An item in the NeoFinder database can have four date values.

1. File Creation Date
2. File Modification Date
3. EXIF Capture Date
4. XMP Creation Date

These sep<rate fields are used for different purposes.

Please send a screenshot of the "Photo Info Field" by email to our support.
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