Globally ignore previously indexed files?

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Globally ignore previously indexed files?

Post by MelMatsuoka »

Is there a way to globally ignore previously indexed files with specific criteria, when performing searches?

I know you can ignore files when indexing a volume, using the Expert Settings / DatabaseSettings.xml file, but I don't want to have to re-index all of my previously catalogued volumes just to avoid seeing the ignored files in searches.
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Re: Globally ignore previously indexed files?

Post by neo-admin »

You can delete files from existing Catalogs, and they will stay out of there until these Catalogs are Updated.

Use the context menu for found items, for example, to gather those of a certain type, or name, or such, and then remove them from the Catalogs.

Alternatively, can you set up the Find Editor to only find files that exclude those you don't want to see, by adding a parameter like "Name doesn't contain '.xls' " or such?

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