Previews and Thumbnails and Auto-Tags, Oh My

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James Ballard

Previews and Thumbnails and Auto-Tags, Oh My

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Would you please clarify a bit the distinction between "Thumbnail" and "Preview" as applied to image files? I tend to think of a "Preview" as the image which appears at the top of the Inspector Panel and a "Thumbnail" as the image which is displayed in the main pane and whose display size may be adjusted with the slider at the bottom. But the two terms seem to be used almost interchangeably throughout the online User Guide.

Section 30 of the Guide says "The results will be better for larger thumbnails. If your thumbnails are smaller than 640 px in your catalogs, it may not be very accurate." but I can find no way to tell what size my thumbnails are. The Cataloging Preferences give me the option to choose the "Preview" size but not the "Thumbnail" size and updating the catalog with a larger size makes no visible difference anywhere that I can discern in the appearance of the display.

Am I correct in concluding that the two terms are synonymous, at least for this context?
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Re: Previews and Thumbnails and Auto-Tags, Oh My

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The NeoFinder Users Guide indeed uses the two terms synonymous.

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