NeoFinder and macOS 13 "Ventura"

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NeoFinder and macOS 13 "Ventura"

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Yesterday, Apple has set the release date of macOS 13 "Ventura" to October 24, 2022.

The upcoming NeoFinder 8.2 will of course be able to run in that major new macOS release, and we have worked very hard in the past three months to work around all issues Apple has caused.

The NeoFinder release schedule is that once Apple has actually really released macOS 13, we will download and install that version, and prepare the test bed for it.

Then we must run the entire test suite in that environment, fixing any last problems we find.

After that test has been completed successfully, NeoFinder 8.2 will be released.


During the testing of the beta versions of macOS 13, we were very dismayed to see a load of new bugs creeping up in macOS, and not a single existing bug from previous macOS versions being fixed by Apple.

Also, massive and undocumented changes in the foundation of macOS and AppKit will require us to run a much more detailed test plan to make sure that the operating features that NeoFinder needs and uses will actually work properly.

Due to the reduced stability of macOS 13, we very highly recommend that you stay away from macOS 13 "Ventura" as long as possible.

If you use your Mac to get work done, don't update yet.

Hopefully, Apple will try to get at least some of the new or old bugs fixed in a later version of macOS 13.

As always, we will monitor the situation and update this post here if we have additional information for you.

Addendum 1:
We will release NeoFinder 8.2 on November 2, 2022. So far, it is looking very good, and we have worked around all new macOS 13 bugs.

Addendum 2:
macOS 13 can no longer open .eps files with Apples That is a pain, but NeoFinder 8.2 will be able to catalog thumbnails of your EPS files for you anyway, even in macOS 13.

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