abeMeda 7.5 was released!

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abeMeda 7.5 was released!

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I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that we just recently released abeMeda 7.5.

abeMeda 7.5 is a huge new release, with many overdue new features and fixes. It brings support for eBooks and comic book archives, the creator contact information (Dublin core) fields in XMP, the now shared global people list and further improved editing in the inspector. Numerous new find commands, better support for formats like TAR or PPTX, and a number of other additions and improvements complete this package.

abeMeda 7.5 is a free update for all registered users of abeMeda 7. Users of older versions can acquire an update for a small fee: <https://www.abemeda.com/en/order.html>


Changes in this version :
• abeMeda now reads eBooks (ePUB) reader and comics (CBR/Z/7)
• added support for Dublin core creator contact info in XMP
• the people list is now global, too - to share it with other instances and NeoFinder
• enhanced the TAR reader, to deal correctly with TAR archives using the "././@LongLink" method to encode long paths (standard TAR only supports 100 characters)
• abeMeda now reads metadata and thumbnails from PowerPoint presentations (PPTX)
• you can now show/hide the collections tree view, via a command in the View main menu
• switched the GPS/map name search to OpenStreetMap, which works much better, and knows a lot more POI and information
• improved editing and added "next field"/"previous field" and "next item"/previous item" keyboard shortcuts in inspector!
• you can use "SHIFT+ALT+Left & -Right" to switch between items in the main listView (catalog content or found items)
• and you can now better navigate between input fields as well, using the tab key
• selecting "Edit values" in the content context menu for an editable control activates that control and selects its contents for editing
• added numerous more find commands to the content context menus in our Inspector - start looking for files based on the information displayed
• for movies, this includes shortcuts to find them on MovieDB, Wikipedia or IMDB; for Artists, you can find them on Bandcamp
• you can now also find movies by bitrate and framerate, in the find editor and also via the inspector
• also added these/similar content-sensitive find options in the find submenus of each item in our DetailViews
• you can now also find catalogs via their volume name - finding in catalog info will turn up catalogs of any folders on volumes as well.
• abeMeda offers options to modify file dates in the file system - set them to different other dates found in the items (creation/modification date, EXIF, XMP, depending on what is available)
• also works for multiple selected items: in that case, the commands are available in the context menu for the cumulated file size
• abeMeda now catalogs the EXIF Capture Date including seconds
• you can now select a folder level limit when cataloging, to limit a catalog to only contain items in the first couple of levels.
• when dropping catalogs onto the application to add to the library, the operation is now done in the background and with a progress dialog
• added "sort Library alphabetically" to the Library context menu as a shortcut for when it's too hard to find in the Options dialog.
• added and allowed for copying attributes of multiple selected items.
• you can now select a number of catalogs or items, and copy attributes like names, paths, comments etc, concatenated and combined into one large list.
• added a new startUp maintenance hotKey: press F7 to have the RCF return to default.
• abeMeda now supports using the coloured labels with our albums as well.
• along the way other issues with albums/interoperability were fixed
• findDuplicates now directly shows size and modification date for items in the duplicate items list
• added three new columns: GPS Altitude, GPS Azimuth and GPS Tilt.
• added the XMP persons to the multi item display in inspector.
• added has/no EXIF and has/no XMP to the display filter

• fixed an issue with the GPS vicinity find, where the coordinates used would not be shown in the FindEditor
• fixed an issue where certain MP4/MOV video files could crash the metadata generator.
• fixed some display issues in our DetailView - we now use the "comma separated" versions of the most notable multiline attributes (keywords/tags, custom fields, XMP categories and persons) when displaying in the columns. We also increased the maximum number of characters displayed for file names
• fixed a bug in ID3, where the parsing was broken for some ID3v2.4
• fixed problems in the keywords/people/annotations and autoUpdates lists when dealing with empty lists rsp. no data, or not keeping items added in specific ways
• fixed a problem where "update item metadata" actually deletes an existing comment from an item
• fixed another issue where "update item metadata" did not actually rescan and replace the item content
• fixed an issue where the find criteria "AnyAnnotationContains/Is" would not work correctly
• fixed a bug in the IPTC/XMP reader, where some specific files would fail
• fixed a problem where the chosen sort order would only be remembered in the details listView style.
• fixed an issue in MP4 movie metadata where the release date would sometimes only contain a year. These are now parsed correctly
• fixed an issue with MP4 metadata, where files without "synopsis" rsp. "Long Description" were ignored, and their metadata not even read
• fixed an issue where some find criteria would result in a number of false positives under certain conditions
• fixed an issue where the item counter, especially with an active filter, would not correctly reflect removing an number of items from the found item results
• fixed an issue where "find items with this keyword" failed on hierarchical keywords

The enclosed documentation (PDF) contains all the details. You can also find the version changes on our website at <https://abemeda.com/en/en/versions.html>, or take a look at our video tutorials at <https://abemeda.com/en/videotutorials/v ... rials.html>.

== NeoFinder for Macintosh: =====================================
If you have a Macintosh, you may also want to
download NeoFinder 8 and see how both applications can share
catalogs and work together :

Andreas H. Becherer <abe@abemeda.de>
**abeMeda** the file is out there...
Check out the abeMeda-Homepage at: <http://www.abemeda.de/>
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