Synology NAS DSM 7.0 problem

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Synology NAS DSM 7.0 problem

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We have just been notified that the new OSM 7.0 by Synology can cause massive trouble when cataloging data on an SMB volume on such a NAS.

It seems that their new 7.0 OS software contains a new "phone home" feature that unfortunately disconnects all active SMB sessions while it is sending that data to the Synology servers.

If that happens while you use NeoFinder to catalog data on that NAS, the NeoFinder Catalog will be incomplete, and folders will stay empty.

You can deactivate that "Active Insight" spy feature in the Synology control software to fix that problem.

After deactivating it, Update your existing Catalogs made of data on that NAS.

We are still investigating what exactly they are doing there...

Thank you NeoFinder user Michael L. from Wellington, NZ, for reporting this to us!
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