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Indexing hangs on large MOV files

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2023 8:20 am
by Chriscotech
I am fairly new to this and may not have set up my preferences correctly but I am having trouble with large MOV files hanging the cataloging process. The files (3 hour plus video files) will eventually index, but the process hangs on these files, sometimes for over an hour.

I am indexing a high capacity NAS and there are a lot of these files. Is there a way of reducing the information that is stored about these files, to speed up the indexing process? I only need to know what and where they are. Basic metadata and a thumbnail would be all I need. I do need detailed information on other media files in the catalogue, such as photos.

Cataloging this volume is taking days, It crashed once, when it was nearly at the end, but the process seems to be starting from the beginning again, very depressing.

Also, I was wondering if I can change the preferences then update a catalogue, without the whole thing starting from scratch again. I don't mean thumbnail size etc. but ask it to look at package contents, for example. Is that possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.