Can NeoFinder catalog thumbnails of PhotoLine files?

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Can NeoFinder catalog thumbnails of PhotoLine files?

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We have recently received a support request, asking if NeoFinder was able to catalog PhotoLine files (suffix ".pld").

OK, I must admit that we were stumped at first, as we had never heard of PhotoLine before. Oops.

It turns out this is a very venerable photo editing application, with roots on the Atari platform, but still in active development, it seems.

And what is even better, the software brings a QuickLook plugin to show thumbnails of its own proprietary file format ".pld" in Apples Finder.


You can ask NeoFinder to try to generate QuickLook thumbnails of any arbitrary file format that you may need: ... oging.html

Just add the .pld to the sixth list with the name "Catalog QuickLook Thumbs for" and you are done.

Cool, mh?
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